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[06 Jun 2004|03:32pm]
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Winter Blues [09 Jan 2004|04:12pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hey guys!!!!!
I am soooooo bored right now and sick of studying!!!! I have spent this entire week studying for the MSAT, and I'm sick of it haah. Just thought I'd vent a little. I cannot believe this storm. I watched Sea Biscuit, Out of Time, and Bruce ALmighty this week, which shows how much time I've had on my hands.
Well, I'm hoping that I can still get in and do the Fitness Challenge tomorrow after my test. I'm not sure if there's a limited number of people or what. If anyone knows, please let me know. I think it'd be fun to work out for free! That will give me a little motivation and de-stress. I feel kind of couped up right now with a huge weight of so many things to do. I just can't believe we're teaching our worksamples at the end of this month, and I have so much more to do. I guess once this test is over, I can think about that some more.
Matt and I are looking at apts this weekend as well. That sounds very exciting, yet a little stressful because I have a lot of other things to think about. There was one we were really considering (have yet to look at yet) that is a mini house with a workout facility, little waterfalls around each area, a garage, W/D, and is like 600 or something for 2 bdrm. Anyways, just thought I'd update a little because I'm soooo bored!!!

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[14 Dec 2003|01:17pm]
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[14 Dec 2003|01:03pm]

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[14 Dec 2003|12:58pm]

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It's another Update ;-) [10 Dec 2003|12:17pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I'm back for a little update... I forgot I don't have to work until 12:30, so I have a few minutes to kill.
Let's see, where to begin? Well, I'm excited to be done with my first term of grad school for sure! I spent last Friday and Saturday nights over at Jen & Bushnell's partying it up. Friday night I got way too drunk pounding beers playing Caps and P&A and all these other drinking games. Let's just say I took it easy Saturday night and just drank some wine and a few beers while playing poker. Matt and Rory were the last ones left on the game I played of Texas Hold Em (which was like a frickin 5 hour game). I guess that's the game the Tournaments of Poker play. Matt started to not look at his cards and do all his betting a couple rounds, which totally pissed off Rory but it was so funny cuz one time he got a full house and the other 2 pair. Rory was just so angry, so it was kinda funny to watch. He's just way too competitive.
Oh, I have a funny story from my last week of school before the Beavs last game against USC. I'll just share of what happened in the faculty room when I was confronted by a Duck fan about the game:
I got in a brawl with a Special Needs teacher (Tom) at my school last week. It was so funny because he was telling me (gung ho Beaver fan) to route for USC, so they could represent the Pac-10 in the BCS bowl. I was like, "NO WAY, I'm a loyal Beaver fan to the end. (He's a Duck fan, so what does he know?) I'm going to cheer those Beavs on no matter who they play or what their standings are." He was kind of schocked that I was so intent about it. He's like, "Well those Beaver fans are rabid once they graduate from college." Then, he kind of went off. I started laughing hysterically and was like, "Yeah well at least I'm not like Duck fans who are so stoned they don't know what's going on even after they graduate. They're too full of weed to think of anything to say to Beaver fans." He was silent!! Other teachers in the break room were almost on the floor laughing and in shock of my comeback. I usually keep it together at school and don't say much at lunch, which is what made it extra funny. Another Beaver fan (her name is Mary too) gave me a high five and was like "GO BEAVS!" Then, Tom was like mumbling, "Well, I didn't know you were like that Mary. I guess Ducks have high thinking." Mary was like, "Yeah "HIGH" thinking." hahah Before I left, I was like, "Now I don't want there to be tension or anything. I just stood my ground on my Beavers." hahah He was like " Oh no." It's so funny because I bit my tongue once I spoke up, but it turned out that everyone thought it was good for someone to speak up to Tom. Even the secretary told me later that she loved my comeback (and she's totally old school). haha
On last Monday Matt and I got this crazy idea to go test drive a Mazda RX-8. They have them at the car place on 122nd over by Burnside, so I'm like why not? Especially since I knew Matt wouldn't stop talking about them anyways. We went and Matt was playing it cool telling them that he was thinking about trading in his Xterra for one. The guy drove us over to this driving route down past 122nd & Foster, where theres TONS of 15 mph turns and speed bumps to really show what this car can do. It was pretty slick too, but he was like usually I don't go out of 2nd gear on this route, and he was going 50-55 in parts of it! It was like a roller coaster ride, but we never got out of control. Matt and I each got a turn at the wheel. It had like 8 air bags in it, so I wasn't too worried. It was really cool cuz the back seats were actually pretty darn roomy for a sports car. They have suicide doors that open out. Anyways, I was having a great time, and then I got to drive it back to the lot, and I started going like 60 on a 35, the guy was like alright do what you want, but I gotta tell ya it's your speeding ticket. Man, that car would be nothing but TROUBLE haha. Anyways, it was kind of a cheap thrill I guess. Of course, they wouldn't leave us alone after. They were trying to work all kinds of deals and show us all the options we could get. I bust up laughing as we were leaving cuz I felt like we had to run away from those sleaze balls haha.
This week I've been working at Glendoveer Retirement Home, which is where I am today. Yesterday the cute old people cracked me up, and I like the place a lot. It's way more laid back than Providence, but its a good change of pace and scenery for now. I get to serve coffee and tea to all the residents in one room, which is kinda funny cuz they all want to tell their life stories and they are all so happy that you are there. It makes you feel good to be able to just talk to them and get them to smile. Just like kids, they are easliy satisfied and happy for the most part. I saw Jenny's aunt Nancy and my friend Nead who used to work at the hospital, so that was cool. The only bad part to this job is the dishes, but oh well! It's kinda nice not to have a supervisor watching you, and I get the same pay. Plus, it's like what a couple blocks away, so thats nice. Anways, I better get a goin now. Hopefully more updates to come. I've been reading all of your guys' updates all the time. :-)

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Another Update [21 Nov 2003|08:08pm]
Alrighty I'm back again. I have a few minutes before going to a movie tonight. First of all, I went snowboarding yesterday for the opening day of the season at Meadows. I had a blast, as it was pouring down snow all day Matt and I were there. It was freezing cold, but we made the most of it looking at the beautiful Winter Wonderland and even getting to test Matt's beastly Xterra out in the snow. It did so well, I was rather impressed. We had a little fun spinning around in the parking lot too. I was struggling a little while snowboarding, but I ended up having fun. For some reason, I was really more cautious than the first time I went. Matt got a little frustrated because I was kinda PMSy, so I doubted myself a lot. He said the first time I went, I was better than him the 3rd time he went, but this time, I didn't get any better. I was highly emotional, but I let him go off on his own for a while, so he wasn't slowed up by me. I learned how to better exit off the lift on a snowboard, which is quite the challenge if you're as clumsy as me! haha That's alright cuz I only got hit by one of the chairs haha.
Last night Matt and I drank some wine and mimosas, chilled to watch Friends and Survivor. Christy came over to hang out and stayed the night. It was pretty cool to hang out with her, but she goes over to look at pictures and sees a picture of Rex in this photo box thing, and is like "Isn't that your EX?!" I was like yeah so?? Matt was asking me about it, saying it was kinda weird, but I got really defensive, so it turned out kinda bad. It was one of those depressing times that I wished I hadn't drank and been PMSing and tired/sore from snowboarding, while trying to deal with a little question that turned into a fight. Oh well! I'm glad we worked things out last night and talked things over because I wouldn't have been able to sleep otherwise.
Today I did lots of laundry and cleaning. I didn't get any hw done, except my annotated bib, so that's good at least. Only 2 more classes to finish up! I got the cutest e-mail from Jenny today about wanting me to come visit and babysit Braiden, while Steve & Jenny go to the Lord of the Rings December 17 when it opens. She was all excited when I told her I wanted to stay for a couple nights to hang out with them. Anyways, I just got a call from Matty, and he's getting off early. I think we're gonna go see "The Cat in the Hat" and maybe "The Elf" too. WOO HOO!! :-)
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Pre-Party Chilly Chillin [14 Nov 2003|06:25pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Well, I decided to update after like a year now that I have a little time. Not much is going on right now. I'm just getting excited to go to Wallbangers with a huge crew. I guess my cousins Mike and Christy are coming along with maybe my brother Bob and Jenny, Eryn, Brian, maybe Michael, Jordan, Junho, Matt, and maybe Ellee and Luke. Sheesh!! It's gonna be a funny crowd if everyone comes, but it's sure to be a treat without Jamie!!! hahah
Today I actually had a worthwhile day. I went to an advisee mtg with Jean that went very well. Then, Matt and I went to Panda for some yummy food. Then I chilled and cleaned and made banana bread. I met up with Matty for a nice walk around 3:00. Then I started "Chicago" but only got through half of it then made dinner for my Mom and Dad and I.
Oh, the new Britney's song is on, so I'm getting more pumped up! I can't wait to go out tonight. Hopefully everyone will have a blast. As for now, I'm gonna go take a shower and get hoochied up! haha

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Hahahah I like this quiz!! [03 Nov 2003|04:36pm]
I like this, except I'm really not THAT bad come on now. haha I was being a little sarcastic on my answers. :-)

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?
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One final down, One more to go...... [09 Jun 2003|11:15am]
Well, I just got back from my Psych final, so there's a relief! I just have a 2 page essay to write for Anthro and a Child Abuse Midterm tomorrow. Then I'm done, and boy will that ever be nice!!! Well, Matt's party was quite a blast. Too bad you hooches couldn't come, but there's always fun to be had this summer. Not as many showed up to his house, as was anticipated, but it was still a blast because of who did end up coming. My friend Jenny came who's in Grad School with us, and we always have a crazy time together... imagine me times 2 and you'll see how nutso she is.... us together is TROUBLE!!! LOL We both ended up getting completely soaked in the pool they had and completely drunk, which is turning into a pattern every time I'm around her haha. I also met this cool girl named Jamie Hinkel... we were so shocked how close our last names were Hinkel & Hankel haha. I've never met someone with a name as close as that. Of course when you're drunk, everyone's your best friend, so we were acting like we were long lost sisters or something that were meant to meet. Well, Jenny had her friend Jess there too, who was way cool, so we were all hanging out & bouncing on this inner tube just going nuts! Some freshman skanks showed up, and one of em (fake blonde sorority type of course) was glaring at Jamie & Jenny when I went to get a drink, and I kinda noticed her diong the same when I came back. She kept telling her bf (who's a freshman in Matt's frat) about us, and I went off haha. All of us together were totally ready to kick her ass or just kick her out, but she was more scared than anything, so she just got up & left haha. Man there's been some close calls for getting into a fight lately... SHEESH... what's up with these skanks??? LOL Anyways, Jimmy showed up to the party completely hammered and was hugging practically everyone at the party. He danced with my friend Lindsay (who's single) too, which was really cute. We were all dancing having a good time. I drank too much and was up way later than I should've been because Saturday we met up with Matt's Dad to get his new Xterra, and I was completely hung over. His Xterra is so cool, and he even let me drive it. I love driving newer cars man. We then went to my sister's graduation and came back to C-town. Now, I'm just looking forward to aroudn this time tomorrow when everything will be done!!!
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Pre-Party Chill [06 Jun 2003|06:19pm]
Hey everyone... well last night was pretty cool. Jenny, Kim, and I went to the Senior Send off thing, which was pretty cool... we did this covert operation, so we got our free pint glasses early, and I ended up grabbing 3 of em. I also got 2 free beers and hung out with some buddies that are graduating. My sister also came down with her buddy Nicole, and we all went with Jenny & Aaron to El Prez, which was a lotta fun too. Then, Junho, Kim, Brandon, Steve, Rex, Aaron, and I all went to Tails to hang out and we shared a pitcher. I had a pretty good buzz mostly cuz I think I was dehydrated. It was fun! THen we went to the Reggae music festival, which was a bunch of hippies and a lot of people there. I tried to find Scotty & A-dub & my sister & brother, but that didn't happen. We ended up going home, then I hung out more with Rex & Aaron. TOday, I'm just chillin waiting for the big party tonight. There;s a little swimming pool out back and Matt's house is all set up ready to go. It's sure to be fun.. I'll update more later. :-)
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STD ALERT!!!!!!!! [05 Jun 2003|12:58am]
Well it's almost 1 am, and I get a random phone call from none other than the STD boy himself. ANyways, it's a long story, but he keeps calling me like randomly, and I'm pretty much annoyed. Doug was in town last weekend, and we got on the topic of Johnny Boy, and I'm like oh STD boy. Stoner Doug was crackin up, and I guess he goes & tells him that I call him that. So... STD boy calls me & leaves a message saying, so I hear you like to spread rumors, and that you call me STD boy.... redhead Doug was in town & told me all about it. I was just baffled!!! I should ask him if it's true I guess LOL. ANyways thought I'd share that with you all. I think Jenny & maybe Robyn will be the only ones to know who I'm talkin about. hahahah
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Word on Kwajalein [03 Jun 2003|09:56pm]
Well well well... sorry I haven't updated lately, aside from inviting all you guys to the party. Oh, by the way, let me know if you wanna come & I guess it's a cocktail party (just found that out today), so each couple brings a 1/5 of alcohol, then it's kinda like a free open bar to make all kinds of drinks... Jen you can be my date & we'll share a 1/5 if you want. OR we can get good ole Jimmay to come. LOL
Okay, well let me tell you a little about what I've been busy with lately. I found out about this cool job offer on Kwajalein, which is an army base on an atol (volcano that's an island) and it's located in the Marshall Islands, which is halfway between Australia and Hawaii (smack dab in the middle). They are looking for teachers for their preschool there 2 1/2-3 yr olds and 4-5 yr olds, and they pay around $26,000/yr, which is tax free here in the U.S. because it's on an army base, and also you get free housing (includes bed, desk, tv stand, chair, private bathroom, kitchen, etc), food, utilities (internet, electricity, water,etc), free shipping of up to 700 lbs of stuff, free round trip ticket to Hawaii then to Kwajalein AND on top of all those cool incentives, it's tropical climate all year round, which I guess could be good & bad because it's high humidity, but it would also be hard to come back to the states with the rain rain rain that I hate. Also, there is some of the best scuba diving in the world there because there's sunken WWII battleships, beautiful coral, A LOT less pollution, and just a really cool place to dive. The only way to visit the island is if you get permission from someone living there that you can visit (you have to know someone), so this would be one of the greatest opportunities ever. I have talked to the head supervisor Ann quite a bit about different questions I've had and she sounds very friendly and tells me things straight up about what the conditions are.... some people fall in love with the place & some people jump on the next plane outta there. The island itself is only 3 miles long and 1/2 mile wide, and I guess it's only 2300 people or something, so it's like a really small town atmosphere. There are even a type of people called the Marshallese that are natives. One thing that worried me was how long of a contract I would have to get into, but it's only a year minumum, so that's cool. I was looking at so many website about it, and it sounded so promising, especially all the pics of the sea turtles, the beaches, the cool palm trees and everything. I also looked at the negative things about it, being so isolated, only 2 stores (with some outdated foods), and being away from family. Then, I realized that I should go through Grad School first off & watch Braiden grow in his first years. It's hard to leave everyone. I fought hard & long to get admitted to grad school & not to mention all the paperwork I did, so I'm going to stay this year and maybe just maybe keep my options open for next year. I told Ann about it, and she said that was really cool, and she would keep me posted about job opening as they come available and for me to send my resume anyways, so she has it on file. I thought that was awesome. Another thing that kept me from going is that Matt's getting an Xterra for graduation, but he would have to wait an entire year to get one if we went to Kwajalein, so that kind of made up my mind right there. He was gonna surprise me by picking me up this weekend in a new Xterra, so I think that's awesome. It took so much thinking to finally say no to this opportunity, but I think it's just the wrong time, and now it all makes sense. Who knows? Next year I may be in a whole new country right by the Equator. Right now I'm happy chilling with all my friends and family and getting my teaching certificate & Masters. It would be a lot harder to do next year, especially without all my buddies with me hahah :-) Well, I better get goin.
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Big End of the Year Party Friday!!! [02 Jun 2003|08:02pm]
Hey guys~
Well, as I was telling my good ole friend Jenny, there's a huge Hawaiian Party going down in Corvallis at Matt's house this Friday. It's gonna be a blast I tell ya.... tell everyone you know! Now the word must go out to my good friends Eryn, Robyn, and Sierra. This may be the one last chance to see what it's like to go to a college party! It's gonna be a good one too. Eryn, it'd be fun to bring Brian and Michael as well. We'll get them good & wasted LOL. All you have to bring is yourself, an amazing ability to have a good time (once in a lifetime experience), something hawaiian, and maybe a little booze! I have a blender to mix up some good shiat like pina coladas & margaritas & then of course I'll be drinking good ole white russians.... you gotta try!!! ANyways, let me know if you can/can't go... or let me know if you aren't even thinking about it, so then maybe I can convince ya LOL. Come on all you hoochie mamas.... we need to go out & live it up before Jenny & I graduate from this place.. :-)
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Awwww [27 May 2003|07:30pm]
You are a traditional bride.
Congratulations! You are a traditional bride!

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[23 May 2003|05:15pm]
I love her... she's a badass, especially in X2!
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Mmmmm.. sounds good to me! haha
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Odd, but okay.... can you tell I'm a lil bored LoL

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This is funny!
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Well.. some of this is true haha


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Another Wild Thursday Night!!! [23 May 2003|10:14am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well, well, well.... Can you say CRAZY???!!! Last night was such a fun night altogether, and we were able to catch up with a lot of old hs friends. I thought of it kinda like as a mini reunion. I started the day yesterday feeling a little weird, like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and I didn't know what was up. I started to realize how much I appreciate hanging out with good friends especially I guess. Matt & I were kinda arguing earlier in the day, and it was mostly cuz sometimes I have control issues, where I feel threatened if I can't be in control. A lot of this just is my personality and it is added to the fact of everything that happened freshman yr, where I had a total loss of control. Well, to make a long story short, I was just trying to explain everything, and sometimes I feel like I explain myself 10 times over, but he still gets worried. I get more worried when he's confused because he takes things a lot harder than I do when I feel weird feelings. For people like Jenny who's known me forever, she knows how I am, but I guess it's just hard cuz men are from Mars! LOL j/k Well, we ended up resolving some things, and I went off to bowling with Jen, where we were gonna kill Ryan, who's on our league team. Today we played a tourney against each other (Hooches vs Guys), and we weren't doing too well, but it didn't help the fact that Ryan was talking so much shit & Alan was kinda doing the same. Jen & I were getting sooo annoyed. Then, after that we decided to go swimming in the CV pool, which was the only one open on the other side over my Scotty & AW & Alan's. We chatted with them for a bit & reminisced about the dorms freshman year. Sometimes I wish I could go back just for a day to experience those crazy times haha. I ended up going all the way in, and it was nice to chill in the pool and talk to Jen.
Then, Jen & I decided to go to Old Navy in Salem, so she could look at swimsuits, and we could just get out for a while. We also went to this yummy Mexican restauarant. It felt so good to talk to someone with estrogen who can relate to things that are going on with me. I've just been around all these crazy guys all the time, it was cool to hang out with Jenny and get some advice. We came home and got an IM from Steve (hs buddy) that he's having an eviction party, so I thought we should stop by. We got Aaron fired up to go as well, so that was cool. We first went over to Rex & Mikey's to give Rex back a present of the basketball hoop he tore down from our old place. Then, we were all talking about good ole hs memories and some college memories of all of us. It was nice to take a stroll down memory lane. At first, it was a little awkward around Rex, but things got a lot better and same with Aaron (who I rarely talk to). We had a total bonding experience you could say. Then, we watched a tape of Rex & Mikey's 7-8th grade girl's b-ball team, where they made up nicknames for all the girls & showed highlights with Mikey's scratching through it. It sounded & looked so professional. I just thought it was so cute that they coached those girls together. Mikey's been with the same group since they were in 5th grade, so it's cool that he gets to see how they progress. I would've loved to have coaches like them with so much dedication and how cool they are. I guess it was nice to see a good side of Rex this time instead of focusing on all the bad & awkward things that developed between us. It's always good to leave college knowing that you have kind of reconciled relationships in a sense. That's important to me.
Anyways, at Rex & Mikey's, it was a lot crazier than anticipated, as Rex had to bring on the 5-shot tradition of anyone who comes in his house. Aaron & I each had to take a 5-shooter, and we kinda had the sipping/chasing with Pepsi approach. I had it down so I plugged my nose each time hahah. I thought I was gonna get sick, but I felt fine after that. Then, as I was leaving I was talking to Mikey and he reached out to give me a hug and gave me this funny look like I was too good for him. I told him I had love for them both, but it was just awkward to be around. I felt bad because you could tell he was hurt & he missed Jen & I. I told him we should hang out more now, but I was glad I came over. Then, we left to go to Steve's party, where we saw Mike Kern & Teddy Ruxbin (our old PW neighbor). We hung out and had a drink and watched Kern do a little dancing LOL. It was sooo cool to talk about old times with everyone from good ole CCHS. I was asking Kern if he talked to many ppl from hs, and he's like "you're looking at em." haha I think for the most part, the people I do want to see, I already do, so our hs reunion won't be too beneficial. Well, around midnight, we headed back home. Then I had a crazy idea to go walk to Matty's cuz it was weird to me he didn't answer his phone or IM's. I made it to his place and come to find out, his phone wasn't getting icoming calls, and he couldn't call people... he could only listen to msg's. I guess he really thought I was mad at him cuz I apparently told him I was coming over later when I talked to him about the BBQ he was having. I think I just needed to get away for a little while, but I guess I should've told him. He was really worried, so it was good I saw him that night. I guess he had talked to his friend Elli about our little argument, and she told him not to worry about how I reacted & stuff because it'll blow over or whatever, so I was happy to hear that she was helping him not to worry as much. Sometimes I worry about how much Matt worries, but I know he's just doing it all out of love, so it just makes me love him & appreciate him more. Anyways, I walked home early this morning like around 9ish cuz I couldn't sleep anymore. Now Im just chilling getting excited for wine tasting later on. That should be a blast! I'm not sure what else I'm doing this weekend though. Too many decisions to make haha.

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LOL [22 May 2003|03:44pm]
Pink info
Your Heart is Pink

What Color is Your Heart?
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cute flirt
Cute Flirt

What Kind of FLIRT are you?
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LOL [22 May 2003|03:37pm]
Pink info
Your Heart is Pink

What Color is Your Heart?
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What a Great Day! [21 May 2003|10:29pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well, today was a perfect day from start to end... It was sunny, I got a work out in, and Matt & I were able to enjoy the great outdoors hiking. We went to this pretty waterfall about 30 miles out of town and hiked around a little, then we had a picnic dinner all prepared and ate on a picnic table there, which the spots for picnicking were as big as come camping spots I've seen. It was nice because we got the whole place to ourselves. Then, we decided to go to Mary's Peak, which is about 20 or so miles from there, so we went up there and hiked up to the summit, which was amazing. We hung out there for a while, then came back and enjoyed some TCBY... I got a smoothie, which was yummie! Then, to top off the night, I watched the AI finale with Jeff and Jenny, and I was amazed at how close it was (only 1,000 votes difference). I wanted Ruben so bad, so I was incredibly happy! I'm still a little ecsatic about the results! Anyways, I'm gonna go try to do something productive I guess.

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